Car industry:
Car floor mat fastening components. We have already produced them for many brands. We have been active on this market for many years and accurately follow the improved techniques.

Technical components:
There are all kinds of large and small technical components, varying from products to part of a complete package. As our machinery consist of various brands (and specialties), we can mould many technical components.

Usually, assembly takes place on the machine itself, but is put out to sheltered workshops as well. It allows this target group to participate in the labour market.

In the flower- and plant business you will often notice products which have been produced by Lolaar. The flower auction often uses our ‘Flits-containers. In the private sector many gardens are brightened up with colourful flower boxes. Recently, the water tank has been implemented in the United Arab Emirates and Mexico in order to optimally use the condensation.

Various kinds, sizes, colours and designs of storage systems.

Car industry

Technical components