General info - About Lolaar

Lolaar Spuitgiettechniek BV is a growing, modern company.
We have a high-tech, advanced, automated machinery which is
continuously renewed and expanded.
With a working area of 35.000 m2 we are one of the largest injection moulding companies of the Netherlands.

We develop, produce and ship fully recyclable thermoplastic parts. You will find our products in various markets. We arenít only a well-known manufacturer in the Netherlands, but in foreign countries as well, varying from the United Arab Emirates, China to The United States of America. We have a controlled, closed and thus healthy production process with a fully automated raw material supply system. Besides, our production process allows us to recycle almost all production waste. Economical, clean and environmental-friendly!

Our most important markets are the car industry, electronic companies, machine- and equipment builders, packaging industry and horticulture. In more than 35 years we have grown into a specialist in injection moulding products.
Annually, we process approximately 20.000 tons of raw material into final product. Besides purchased raw materials and regranulates we recycle our own production waste and use it to manufacture new products.




Almost all products are manufactured on customer demand (and forecast). Machine planning is optimized as much as possible in order to make good use of the capacity of each machine. We can adapt our packaging method to the needs of our customers. In bags, in boxes, on pallets, anything is possible! Furthermore, we have many automatic labelling machines which can immediately stick your labels on the products.


Besides our own warehouse we have a controlled stock location at our own home carrier. From this location, many pallets are shipped in order to guarantee delivery reliability.  As we take care of overseas deliveries, we are familiar with sea containers. Another possibility is transport with trailers. From our own warehouse trucks can be loaded on our own terrain.


We store many moulds in a special, secluded and secured room.
We handle them with great care.