Product techniques

We consider quality and continuation of paramount importance. We deliver a wide range of products and our product development anticipates market- and thus customer demand. We produce more than 1.000 different products; from massive final product, to the most refined technical components, from products weighing 0.5 gram to products weighing 7kg; from products  requiring a clamping force of 15 tons to products requiring a clamping force of 1.150 tons; from series of 10 pieces to series of 125 million pieces; from 1 colour to a diversity of 100 colours.

Injection moulding techniques
Compact injection moulding is a general form of injection moulding. Warm synthetic is injected into a mould without further processing. Once the synthetic has cooled off, the product will be pushed out.
Besides this general form, Lolaar can apply other injection moulding techniques as well.

In-mould labelling
Including a logo, brand name or identification in the product to save future costs with regard to printing on customer demand.

The 2K injection moulding technique allows 2 different properties of synthetics, colours or other qualities. Applying steel components, producing a product with a hard and a flexible part, or a combination of blue and white….anything is possible!

A couple of our largest machines allow us to manufacture products by means of gas injection. We can produce thick-walled products with a smooth surface -> actually, the product’s inside is hollow.


Compact moulding

In mould labelling